Toy Story Prequel Has Same-Sex Kiss Restored After Backlash


The Toy Story prequel Lightyear has had a same-sex kiss restored after backlash online.

However, not all fans were thrilled about the newest addition to the franchise.

The plot of the newest movie follows Buzz launching into an intergalactic adventure involving a group of misfit friends, including Alicia Hawthorne, voiced by Uzo Aduba.

In one scene, a kiss is shared between Alicia and her partner, who is also a woman.

When news of this scene being cut from the movie broke, however, many shared their shock and frustration.

Letters accusing Pixar of censoring ‘overtly gay affection’ in its movies were written by Pixar’s own LGBTQ+ employees and their allies.

The reason the scene was originally cut, stems from a newly-passed legislation that has been dubbed the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, which controls and restricts teachers in the Florida area from teaching pupils about sexual orientation and gender identity.

However, after Disney was ominously quiet regarding backlash around cutting the scene, CEO Bob Chapek publicly apologized for the silence on this serious matter.

The producer of Lightyear, Galyn Suysman, supported restoring the kiss scene as it was ‘important’ it remain in the movie.

Watch the trailer below:

The newest addition to the Toy Story franchise is set to be released this summer, 27 years after the original that we all know and love.


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