Travis Scott Sued For $750 Million Over Astroworld Tragedy


The lawsuits piling up against Travis Scott just got a whole lot bigger.

Attorney Tony Buzbee has filed a suit against the rapper on behalf of 125 victims, including the family of one person who died at the festival.

The lawsuit blames both Scott and the event organizers for negligence in failing to properly plan and host the concert safely and train security personnel.

The amount of $750 million is to cover both physical and mental health injuries as well as the loss of life, according to the lawsuit.

The family of 21-year-old Axel Acosta, who was allegedly crushed by an “incited, unruly and out-of-control crowd with such force that he could no longer breathe”, are among the plaintiffs.

Buzbee said:

“No amount of money will ever make these Plaintiffs whole; no amount of money can restore human life. But, the damages sought in this case attempts to fix, help, or make up for the harms and losses suffered by these Plaintiffs — nothing more and nothing less.”

Meanwhile, Travis Scott has locked himself away following the Astroworld tragedy.

According to TMZ, the rapper is holed up in his Houston home, still devastated by the events that resulted in the death of nine fans.

Scott is keen to give the families of the victims some space to grieve the loss of their loved ones.

Lawsuits are mounting against Travis Scott and Drake after the Astroworld crowd surge.

Popular Texas attorney Thomas J Henry, along with Buzbee, says he’s being contacted by victims ‘by the hour’ and has said just how expensive it could be for the rappers.

Henry said:

‘More and more injured victims are contacting my firm by the hour. While we are all still working to understand the full scope of the Astroworld tragedy, I believe the damages suffered by its victims could total in the billions.’

It is now being reported that, Travis Scott and Drawk reportedly attended an Astroworld after-party at Dave & Buster’s following the tragedy.

A source told TMZ that nobody told Travis Scott about the deaths, so he went about his usual business and went to the party, completely unaware that the tragedy had taken place.

Sources told TMZ:

“Travis didn’t know the severity of the situation when he arrived at the party, as far as timing, this remains consistent with the fact that no one including the police had publicly confirmed the gravity of the events that had taken place.”

The party was thrown by Drake, who joined Scott on stage at the festival earlier that night. Drake also had no idea that the tragedy had taken place.


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