Trevor Noah Opens Grammys with Will Smith Oscars Slap Joke


Comedian Trevor Noah opened the Grammys with a joke about Will Smith’s bizarre behaviour at the Oscars last week.

Will Smith very publicly slapped Rock after the comedian made an insensitive remark about Jada Pinkett Smith, comparing her to G.I Jane – Jada has been open about her struggles with alopecia and didn’t appreciate being used as the punchline.

In the wake of this incident, Smith has since apologized to Rock, the Academy and his fellow nominees.

Moments after the 64th Annual Grammys Awards started, Noah made a subtle dig about the slap, telling the crowd:

“Don’t even think of this as an award show. It’s a concert where we are giving out awards, we will be listening to music, dancing, sing, keeping people’s names out of our mouths and we are going to give people awards all throughout the night. So let’s get straight into it.”

People watching at home, all over the world were quick to point out the gag, with some saying:

Another called Noah a ‘shameless troublemaker’, stating they ‘just knew’ he would make a Will Smith joke.
Watch below:


Did we really expect any different from the comedian?


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