Trolls Have Changed Amber Heard’s Name On IMDb


Hackers changed Amber Heard’s name on her IMDb page.

As the defamation trial between Heard and her ex-husband Johnny Depp continue, fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor have made their allegiance clear, by hacking into IMDb to change the actress’ name to ‘Amber Turd’. See below:

The couple’s tumultuous relationship has been discussed in detail since the start of the televised trial on 11 April.

In recent weeks, Heard as been harassed by Depp fans, including being booed outside of the court building. 

So much has come out in court, a lot of evidence that was pre-recorded by the pair during their relationship.

Heard explained to the jury that she started taking photographs of Depp passed out during his frequent binges as it was the only way to get anyone, including Depp, to believe they were happening and that he was abusing drugs and alcohol.

The trial has been paused for a week and will continue May 16.


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