Truckers ‘Boycott’ Colorado Over 110-Year Sentence For Driver Who Caused Accident


Truckers are boycotting Colorado after a driver was sentenced to 110 years in prison for causing a fatal accident.

Rogel Aguilera-Mederos crashed into two dozen cars in 2019, resulting in an explosion that took the lives of four people.

The driver was recently given the maximum sentence for the accident, and the length of the sentencing has caused outrage.

A petition has been set up to grant Aguilera-Mederos clemency and already has more than 4 million signatures.

The petition reads:

‘Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos, 23, has nothing on his driving record, or on his criminal history,’

He’s passed all of the drug and alcohol tests that were given including a chemical test.’

‘This accident was not intentional, nor was it a criminal act on the drivers part. No one but the trucking company he is/was employed by should be held accountable for this accident.’

‘We are trying to hold the person who needs to be held responsible, responsible. The trucking company has had several inspections since 2017, with several mechanical violations.’

Multiple truckers are now boycotting Colorado over the harsh sentencing, according to TikTok videos.


justiceforrogelaguilera-mederos #notrucksincolorado

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However, Greg Fulton, president of the Colorado Motor Carriers Association, said he hasn’t seen full evidence of a boycott.

‘I’m not seeing really anything that’s showing up of that boycott in terms of companies missing shipments or other things like that,’

Aguilera-Mederos has always claimed the brakes in his truck had failed and a loss of control caused the crash, but prosecutors claimed he could have taken steps to prevent the collision, but instead made a ‘bunch of bad decisions’.


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