Twitter’s Convinced Gisele Bündchen and Pete Davidson will Date


Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bündchen have reportedly hired divorce lawyers and Twitter has gone crazy thinking that Gisele’s next beau might be Pete Davidson.

The New York Post reported that the pair had been having some issues and that is what caused Brady’s 11-day training camp break.

Brady is expected to work for Fox Sports as the number one analyst for NFL games with a reported salary of $37.5 million per year.

The couple have been married for thirteen years and have two children together. Rumors of the split have been circulating for weeks with Bündchen being spotted in Miami without her wedding ring on.

In 2009, Bündchen told Vanity Fair: 

“I knew right way—the first time I saw him,”

“We met through a friend. The moment I saw him, he smiled and I was like, That is the most beautiful, charismatic smile I’ve ever seen! We sat and talked for three hours.”

“…From the first day we met, we’ve never spent one day without speaking to each other.”

However, in 2020 Brady went on The Howard Stern Show and told the host:

“[Gisele] didn’t feel like I was doing my part for the family,”

“She felt like I would play football all season and she would take care of the house, and then all of a sudden when the season ended, I’d be like, ‘Great, let me get into all of my other business activities. Let me get into my football training,’ and she’s sitting there going, ‘Well when are you going to do things for the house? When are you going to take the kids to school and do that?'”

After dating Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and Kate Beckinsale, Twitter is full of memes and jokes that Pete and Gisele will soon be a couple:

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