UFO Hunter Says Spaceship ‘Too Big to Move’ is Being Stored Under Major Landmark

A self-proclaimed UFO hunter has recently made a startling claim that an enormous spaceship is being stored beneath a prominent landmark, unable to be moved due to its massive size.
Ross Coulthart, an expert in UFOs, shared his theory on the Project Unity YouTube channel, revealing that the “non-human” spacecraft is concealed beneath a specially constructed structure.
Coulthart, who authored the book In Plain Sight, confidently asserted, “I know exactly where it is. I thought it was nonsense when I first heard about it, too.”

This revelation has sparked significant interest within the UFO hunting community, as enthusiasts eagerly seek to uncover the whereabouts of this alleged hidden spaceship. Various theories have emerged, with some speculating that it could be located in South Korea or within an air defense facility. Coulthart’s credibility has been established through his previous work, including an interview with whistleblower David Grusch, who made astonishing claims about the US military possessing crashed spacecraft and even alien bodies. These assertions have gained enough attention to warrant a forthcoming US government hearing.

Additionally, Coulthart has recently revealed the existence of videos depicting spherical UFOs flying in close proximity to US military jets during training exercises. He further claimed that these unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) have been observed above nuclear sites, military installations across the United States, and even in the Middle East. While four objects were initially spotted in the sky, one of them was eventually identified as a Chinese spy balloon. Coulthart believes that the footage documenting these encounters is being kept confidential, citing interviews with pilots who have witnessed such phenomena and provided their videos to superiors.

As the revelations continue to unfold, the quest for the truth regarding extraterrestrial existence intensifies. UFO enthusiasts and researchers eagerly await further developments and disclosures that may shed light on these perplexing phenomena. The realm of unidentified aerial phenomena remains shrouded in mystery, prompting the realization that the truth is indeed out there, waiting to be uncovered.


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