Ukrainian TikTok Star Accused Faking Videos


A woman living in Ukraine has admitted she’s been accused of spreading misinformation during the Russian invasion.

Kristina Korban, with more than 630,000 followers on TikTok, has – in her opinion – been using the platform to let the world know what it’s like living in a war zone. Watch her content below:


Don’t give up #nevergiveup #ukraine #standwithukraine #kyiv #warupdate #warzone #help

? State Lines – Novo Amor

Prior to the war in Ukraine, Korban posted videos about finance and investment. However, the 32-year-old has now been giving updates on her family and her current situation to the platform, as well as selling merchandise in order to raise money to help struggling families in the war-torn country.

Korban admitted to Insider that her comments sections are full of mixed reactions and not all her followers believe her.

she said:

“It doesn’t happen that much anymore, but some people think I’m a scammer and that I’m not in Ukraine.”

“Some people would be like, ‘Oh this is fake. There’s no war or, you’re just taking footage from COVID’. Or this and that. And they’re expecting that if I’m not in the front lines, then I’m not in Ukraine. And that to me is already such a misinformed mindset. It’s a very unrealistic mindset that some people have.”


#stopthewar #ukraine #kyivupdate #ukrainewar

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Our thoughts are with everyone in Ukraine.



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