Ukrainian Woman Refuses to Leave Elderly Dog Behind While Fleeing Ukraine


A Ukrainian woman that refused to leave her elderly dog behind while fleeing from the war-torn country has been commended after sharing her story

Alisa, the woman in question, explained to The Guardian that she suddenly lost her father the day before Russia’s war against Ukraine broke out.

Explaining in her first-person account of the events, that many people were fleeing Kyiv but she and her husband were determined to organise the funeral and documentation needed in order to bury her father:

“We collected almost all the documents, ordered a restaurant for a commemoration, but since the registry office was evacuated, and didn’t give us one final document, the crematorium refused to accept anyone,”

Alisa is a Python programmer working for a German company, who helped her leave Ukraine for Poland with her family and two large dogs. Although, due to his age and “the mobilisation order”, her husband could not cross the border with them.

Alisa told The Guardian

“We drove for 16 hours to a village about 140km from Kyiv…We decided to leave the village later in the morning because it was dangerous, even there,”

Due to so many cars attempting to flee to Poland, the border soon became too busy. Alisa and her family could not stay in the car for the “next three – or five – days”, causing them to get out and walk the 10 remaining miles at 4am in minus seven degree weather.

The German shepherd, pictured below, is 12 and a half years old and struggled to walk the long journey, falling every kilometre. Alisa asked passers by for help but everyone declined and told her to leave the dog behind. She refused to leave her ‘family’ behind and carried her old dog on her shoulder.

“But our dogs are part of our family. My dog has experienced all the happy and sad moments with us.”



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