Video of Travis Kelce singing in the studio has fans saying he’s ‘soul mates’ with Taylor Swift


As Taylor Swift continues to captivate audiences worldwide with her successful Eras Tour, it seems the singer’s fans have shifted their focus to a potential romance with NFL star Travis Kelce. The speculation intensified during Swift’s recent Buenos Aires show when she altered the lyrics of her hit song ‘Karma’ in a playful nod to Kelce.

The original lyrics include the lines: “‘Cause karma is my boyfriend, Karma is a god. Karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend, Karma’s a relaxing thought.” However, Swift cleverly substituted them with: “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me,” a direct reference to Kelce’s affiliation with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kelce, visibly moved by the musical gesture, watched the performance from a box, fueling fan excitement about the potential romance.

In a delightful twist, Kelce reciprocated the sentiment in a recent studio recording clip. In preparation for the holiday season, the NFL star showcased his vocal talents with a rendition of the classic ‘Fairytale of New York.’ While singing the iconic lyrics, Kelce playfully substituted “Broadway” with “Broad Street,” a prominent street in Philadelphia. The connection to Swift lies in the fact that the ‘Karma’ singer hails from the city of Philadelphia.

The heartwarming clip of Kelce’s musical homage to Swift quickly made its way to social media, particularly Twitter, where fans expressed their delight. One fan amusingly noted, “Did he rhyme cars with bars? They truly are soulmates.” Another fan expressed the desire for the duo to record a song together, capturing the collective sentiment of those enchanted by the musical connection between Swift and Kelce.

As the speculations and musical exchanges continue, fans eagerly await the unfolding chapters of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s intriguing connection, wondering if it will extend beyond the stage and studio into a collaborative venture that combines their respective talents.


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