Viewers are Calling Netflix Drama Most Disturbing Thing They’ve Ever Seen


A true crime drama from 2015 that has recently been added to Netflix has viewers saying it’s one of the ‘most disturbing’ films they’ve ever seen.

Watch the trailer below:

Cleveland Abduction is a dramatization of the brutal Ariel Castro kidnappings that took place between 2002 and 2013, focusing on victim Michelle Knight’s story, played by Taryn Manning.

Knight disappeared aged 21 on 23 August 2002 after leaving her cousin’s house. She had been due to appear in court for a child custody case for her son.

Amanda Berry, aged 17 at the time, was the second person to be abducted by Castro in April 2003 and ended up giving birth to his child while she was imprisoned by him.

Gina DeJesus was the third victim, aged just 14 when she went missing in April 2004.

In Cleveland Abduction, we follow how Knight made it through captivity until 2013, only being saved when Berry managed to escape to alert authorities.

Some people took to social media to explain how they felt after watching the true crime film:

“I was hooked watching this, I don’t know if it’s new or not but omg. Crazy to think that things like this actually happened. I felt sick and sad… so many emotions.”

‘Watching Cleveland Abduction and I’m currently deeply disturbed.’


Available to watch on Netflix now.


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