Viewers Claim They Have Spotted ‘Proof’ The Kardashians is Fake


Viewers of the new Kardashians show have already claimed that its faked.

Only two weeks after the launch of their new reality TV show on Disney+, some eagle-eyed viewers have spotted a pretty hilarious discrepancy from the show and fans are taking to social media claiming that it’s not real.

The infamous series re-launched, claiming to offer a close look into the lives of ‘Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie [as they] tell their stories of love and life in the spotlight, from the pressures of running billion-dollar businesses to the joys of playtime and school drop-offs.’

However, some fans are claiming that their life in front of the camera is faked for entertainment value and not in fact reality, at all…

In the episode, Jenner reads Travis Barker’s intended proposal speech to Kourtney. The couple got engaged on 17 October 2021.

After reading the heartfelt words Barker wrote, Jenner calls Kim and Kylie to share the good news about the intended proposal and to give the green light for the engagement party.

This is when fans noticed that Jenner has her daughters numbers saved in her phone as ‘Kimbo 2022’ and ‘Kylie new new 2022’.
See below:

It isn’t just the chaotic way in which she has her own daughters names saved in her phone, but also the date attached.
One fan wrote on Reddit:
“did anyone notice how while – kris was on the phone with travis and crying at the text he sent her – scene, she called kim and it said “kimbo 2022” ???? so they reshot/re-enacted/faked that scene? where is her emmy? kourtney and travis got engaged in oct 2021, hmmmmm”
Another wrote:
“Right but the point is that kourtney & Travis got engaged in 2021 but Kim’s number is a 2022 number, proving they reshot the scene in 2022.”
Have the famous family been caught out??


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