Viewers Left Outraged after Watching Harrowing New Documentary Scout Master


A new documentary has sparked outrage among viewers as it delves into the disturbing case of Heath Stocks, a former boy scout who shocked the nation in January 1997 when he brutally murdered his parents and sister.

The harrowing crimes prompted a nationwide manhunt, and now, years later, this documentary sheds light on the deeply unsettling case, leaving viewers appalled.

For over 25 years, Stocks has been serving three life sentences behind bars after confessing to the murders of his family members.

The close-knit community of Lonoke, Arkansas was left devastated by the cold-blooded crime, but the subsequent revelations that unfolded proved to be even more shocking. It was later discovered that Stocks himself had been a victim of another heinous scandal.

Investigations revealed that Stocks had endured years of sexual and psychological abuse at the hands of his Scout Master, Jack Walls.

Walls had served as Stocks’ mentor for nearly a decade, and the revelation of this horrifying abuse exposed a deeply disturbing scandal within the organization.

Walls, considered one of the worst paedophiles in the state’s history, was eventually sentenced to two 40-year terms and four life sentences for sexually abusing Stocks and other Boy Scouts.

Walls preyed on vulnerable young boys, often targeting those with learning difficulties or challenging home lives.

He would manipulate their parents to gain their trust and ensure they remained unsuspecting of his sinister actions. Despite being seen as a respected member of the community and even being named Lonoke’s ‘man of the year’ for his involvement with the Scouts, no one was aware of the heinous abuse occurring behind closed doors.

The new documentary titled “Inside one of the largest sex abuse scandals in US history: Scout Master” by Fault Lines revisits the case, shedding light on the deeply unsettling scandal.

In the documentary, Stocks opens up about the abuse, stating, “The part of me that craved the attention that my father denied needed what Jack gave me emotionally. He became a safe place… and in the midst of that, he started doing what he did.”

The revelation of the abuse came to light a few months after Stocks was sentenced for the murder of his family, leaving the impact it had on his state of mind unexplored. Now, at the age of 43, Stocks is seeking a reduced sentence for the murders, claiming that Walls’ abuse and manipulation drove him to commit the horrific acts.

Speaking to KARK in 2020, Stocks shared, “It’s hard not to think about it every day. I’m surrounded by the outcome of the events that led me to be here. He was probably the worst paedophile in Arkansas history to use the Boy Scouts to groom and prey on kids. I was arrested for crimes that happened solely because I had tried to end my abuse.”

The documentary has left viewers deeply shaken, with one expressing, “This is simply terrible. Jack Wallace deserves a lot more punishment than what he got.”

Another viewer voiced their concerns about the victims of sexual abuse who have been overlooked or silenced by powerful institutions, stating, “What happened to those boys and every other victim of sexual abuse that has ever been overlooked or swept under the rug by a larger institution is extremely unfair.”

The documentary, titled “Inside one of the largest sex abuse scandals in US history: Scout Master,” is available for viewing on YouTube.


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