Viral Meme Dieunerst Collin Grows Up To Become State Champion


We’ve all seen the video of the side-eyed kid in the Popeyes queue by now, haven’t we?

Well the star of the meme, Dieunerst Collin, has grown up and been crowned state champion.

On Sunday, Collin’s East Orange High School team won the state championship in an insanely tense triple-overtime thriller to finish the season undefeated.

Speaking about his viral fame, he said:

“When it first happened, I kind of felt sad about it. t was somebody randomly recording me, and I’ve never been viral before. When it first came out, I would take it as bullying, every time I used to hear ‘Oh, Terio, Terio,’ and that’s not my name … a couple weeks later, I figured out it was me based on the video. I got kind of emotional, cried a little bit. Over the years, I got over it.”

What a glow up.


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