Volodymyr Zelensky Sends Chilling Warning to West over ‘World War 3’


President Volodymyr Zelensky has called out the west for quietly laying in wait ‘for World War Three’ to kick off, in its response to Russian soldiers targeting Mariupol.

On March 9th, officials of the city stated that several bombs were dropped on a children’s hospital, completely destroying it.

1,170 civilians, according to the Ukrainian government, have been killed in the city, leaving many without food, water and electricity – as well as, at risk of shelling from surrounding Russian troops.

Zelensky has spoken out as a result, appealing to NATO to enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine. The President of Ukraine has warned the West that they must get involved before it’s ‘too late’ and ‘millions’ die.

Zelensky tweeted:

Previously calling out Europe for its non-action, the Ukrainian President has accused NATO of having the same hesitancy against the Russian side.

‘You can’t decide to close or not to close… you can’t decide. If you are united against the Nazis and this terror, you have to close. Don’t wait for me ask you several times, a million times. Close the sky. Close the sky and stop the bombing.’

NATO has reservations about enforcing a no-fly zone over Ukraine in case it escalates the conflict and encourages a ‘fully fledged war in Europe’.

The 44-year-old Ukrainian President responded:

‘Worse for whom? For our families? No… For them..? Who knows?’

‘Nobody knows. But we know that exactly that now is very bad. And in future it will be too late. Believe me, if it’s prolonged this way, you will see… they will close the sky but we will lose millions of people,’

‘The third world war will start and only then you will make a no-fly zone – but it will be too late.’


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