Watch this Disney Employee Ruin a Guy’s Epic Proposal


A video of a proposal at Disney has been circulating online but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons…

The man in the video decided to propose to his girlfriend with a beautiful backdrop of the castle, a truly stunning and well planned proposal that any Disney fan would dream of.

Unfortunately, an employee of the park decided to ruin the magical moment by following his job description to a T.

They were supposedly in a restricted area and the employee ran into the middle of the proposal, snatched the ring box from the man mid-proposal (!!) and walked away with the box, telling the about-to-be-engaged couple that they had to move.

It would have been a truly magical photo opportunity, a once in a lifetime picture. All to be ruined in a split second.

Onlookers seem outraged and begin booing as the man (understanbly) argued with the employee.

Watch the video below:

This should be illegal…


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