Wedding Dress Photo Captures Bizarre Reflection and Horrifies Social Media


A remarkable and peculiar incident took place when a woman tried on a wedding dress and captured a photo that appeared to be straight out of a twisted “Black Mirror” episode, sending shockwaves through social media.

Tessa Coates, a writer and comedian, shared an Instagram photo from a moment when she was trying on a wedding dress. In her caption, she explained the disorienting effect seen in the picture, where her hands appear in three different positions between the two mirrors and her actual presence. She called it a “glitch in the Matrix” and expressed how the bizarre sight almost made her nauseous.

The social media audience was in awe and a bit spooked by the reflection in the photo. Some were torn between congratulating Tessa on her engagement and jokingly advising her to make a swift exit.

Comments on the social media post ranged from fascination to a blend of humor and concern. Many were astonished by the eerie optical illusion. Some noted the terrifying yet humorous sequence of events, considering it an inventive and mysterious way to announce an engagement. Others quizzically asked how the unusual phenomenon was possible.

Can you spot what's wrong with this photo?

Tessa revealed she had initially gone wedding dress shopping alone and shared some images with her sister. Her sister was the one who pointed out the disparity between the three Tessa figures in the photo. Tessa herself was taken aback and found the picture so shocking that she almost felt sick.

She even went back to the shop to confirm if the mirrors were cameras or had any tech anomalies. As a last resort, she sought advice from an Apple employee, Roger, who attributed the oddity to the operation of phones and their photo-taking mechanisms.

According to Roger, even without the live photo setting, the phone takes a burst of images from left to right. At the specific moment the camera went behind Tessa’s back, she raised her hands, resulting in the creation of entirely different images.

The comedian also pointed out the minute line where the images were stitched together, shared in her Instagram Stories, following Roger’s explanation.

Apparently the culprit was her phone taking a photo burst.

Furthermore, she elaborated on the employee’s information regarding the new technology being tested by Google Pixel and its potential implications.

The photo completely freaked her out.

In conclusion, Tessa detailed that the rare optical illusion was an outcome of the unique amalgamation of events and technicalities, ending the bizarre incident’s explanation for her social media followers.


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