Will Smith’s Chris Rock Slap was ‘Choreographed Hollywood Display’ Says Expert


During the Academy Awards on Sunday evening, Will Smith rushed on to the stage after Chris Rock made a comment about Jada Pinkett Smith during his speech and slapped Rock in the face.

One celeb psychic and body language expert Inbaal Honigman said that the incident appeared to her as a “back-slapping display” which saw both men appear “dignified” and “leisurely” at least at surface level.

She told the Daily Star:

“Will Smith’s walk towards Chris Rock seems leisurely. The smack barely throws Rock’s head back, even though it is aimed squarely towards his cheek.”

“Chris Rock’s hands in his pockets throughout don’t exactly show a man going into self-defence mode.”

She points out that both actors have decades of experience in the industry:

“Smith is a lifelong actor and performer, having left the Fresh Prince in the 90s, and gone on to win multiple awards for his acting. He could deliver the line beautifully whether he meant it or not.”

“Rock is a groundbreaking comedian, working the stand-up circuit since his teens. If he’s walking across the stage just saying ‘Wow!’, maybe that’s his line, maybe he’s waiting for applause.”

“Furthermore, Will Smith’s eyes are red and damp when he’s calling out to the comedian to lay off his wife.”

“Even though actors can create those effects with their bodies, it seems a long way to go just for a planned joke. Those red eyes suggest to me, that his emotion is raw and truthful.”

Pinkett Smith has recently been open about her struggle with alopecia, a hair loss condition.

Rock made a G.I Jane reference about Pinkett Smith to which Will Smith reacted by walking onto the stage and slapping Rock in the face.

Watch the altercation below:

I cannot believe that this is real life.


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