Will Smith’s ‘Threat’ to Spanish TV Host who Told Jada she was Beautiful


A video clip has resurfaced of Will Smith’s ‘threat’ to a Spanish TV host who told Smith’s wife Jada that she was beautiful.

In light of recent events, people online are analyzing the clip, which is more than a decade old.

The now infamous slap which took place at the Oscars awards ceremony, has been seen by millions. Chris Rock made an insensitive remark while presenting an award, about Jada Pinkett Smith, comparing her to G.I Jane.

In the video clip from August 2010, Smith is seen standing with his arm protectively around his wife and eyeballing TV host Pablo Motos, as he gives him a warning.

Motos, who presents the popular Spanish show El Hormiguero, was about to begin complimenting Pinkett Smith on her beauty when her 6ft 2 husband barked in Spanish:

“Pablo, be careful with the words you use for my wife, okay!”

Watch below:

Smith then motioned to the host to start talking while stretching his neck forward to imply he was listening to everything very carefully.
The actor responded “very good, very good” as Pablo commented that Jada was beautiful “outside and in” after Smith warned him “Cuidado, cuidado” translated into english meaning “Be careful”…

Chris Rock has refused to press charges in light of the events that occurred on Sunday. Smith has since apologized to the Academy and Rock himself, but has potentially tarnished a career that he’s spent decades building…


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