Woke Teens Review ‘American Pie’ And ‘Dude, Where’s My Car?’


Everyone is offended by just about everything nowadays, and comedy has suffered massively because of it – just ask Dave Chappelle.

The guys over at Vice have asked woke teens to review some comedy classics, and their reviews are amazing.

Here’s their review of American Pie:

“This whole movie is completely ridiculous, especially how the only thing the male characters care about is having sex. They’re willing to say and do whatever just to convince the girls to have sex with them. I don’t know if that was realistic when the film came out, but I think men treat women with a lot more respect and equality now.” Taylor 16.

“The part where Jim and the other male characters film the foreign exchange student in his room is deeply problematic. The film doesn’t even question the morality of doing this, it makes it seem like a joke and that the dudes are all ‘legends’ for getting the plan to work. It’s a huge violation of privacy and definitely a sexual offence for Jim to film her, let alone to then share that with his friends. There’s no way a teen film made now would allow it.” Hannah, 17.

And here’s the review of Dude, Where’s My Car?

“I seriously can’t imagine this movie being made today for so many reasons. I hated how practically every woman they meet in the film seems to just exist for the two main characters’ sexual pleasure, from their girlfriends to the girls they meet at the party and the ones in the strip club. Obviously the whole movie is completely ridiculous, but it still annoyed me because the main characters are sexist losers and don’t deserve any female attention.” Taylor, 16.

“I didn’t make it to the end of this film and I genuinely don’t get how anyone could actually sit there and watch the whole thing let alone find any of it funny. There was so much not ok stuff in it, especially the scene where they go to get a drive-thru Chinese takeaway and the lady taking the order keeps saying ‘and then’ to Ashton Kutcher’s character. I didn’t get if the joke was supposed to be that she doesn’t understand them or that she wants them to order more, but either way it’s not remotely funny and pretty racist.” Hannah, 17.


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