Woman Leaves Husband of 14 Years Only to Be Rejected By Other Man


A woman who left her 14 year marriage for her ‘soulmate’, who then rejected her, has been mocked online.

Amanda Trenfield, author of When a Soulmate Says No: A Memoir, had an excerpt of her latest work published in The Sydney Morning Herald.

In the feature, Trenfield tells the reader how she met the love of her life while on a vacation with her husband…awkward.

The author writes about how their ‘souls connected’ and how she couldn’t stop herself from thinking about him.

She wrote:

“Over the course of the evening, my attraction to Jason developed,”

“I soon became aware of his every breath and I unconsciously mirrored his pace.”

“At the hotel bar, Jason bought me a glass of my favourite rosé. We looked into each other’s eyes – his dark and mysterious, mine big and brown – and clinked glasses.”

“The electricity between us was strong and raw. It travelled to my core. It was so intense I needed to break eye contact. He. We. The energy. It was electric. My body was completely charged. I was completely ‘on’.”

Trenfield continued:

“I’d just met my soulmate. What could possibly be more important than that?”

Less than 4 weeks after meeting her “soulmate” and having no contact with him since they had first met, Trenfield left her husband of 14 years.

She wrote:

“Less than a month after meeting Jason, having had no communication with him since our time in Margaret River, I ended my 14-year relationship with my husband.”

“The woman who had always been so careful, so planned, so organised and so clear about the path her life would take, had just made the most dramatic decision of her life…”

…and here the excerpt for the memoir ends. However, a title like ‘When a Soulmate Says No’ doesn’t exactly scream happily ever after.

Some people took to Twitter to share their views:

‘Laughed out loud when I got to the title of the book,’

“feel like a good therapist could’ve shortened this journey considerably by just saying ‘you’re clearly a massive narcissist’. But instead, the world got a book.’

‘Lady your kids will read this one day and will know that you blew up the family because you got too h*rny on shiraz,’

However, some people support the author, with one commenting:

‘I’m not sure if you’re advocating for people to stay in loveless marriages or what.’

Trenfield, who is a reinvention & transformation coach, business consultant and an author, is yet to comment on her new found online fame.


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