Woman Shocked after Realizing People in Different Countries don’t Buy Her Drinks like in the US


The intriguing tale of an American woman’s dating experiences in Australia has captured attention as she shares her surprise and frustration at the cultural differences between the two countries.

Tate, an American expat who recently relocated to Melbourne, found herself bewildered by the Australian dating scene. In the US, she was accustomed to strangers offering to buy her drinks at bars, but in Australia, such encounters were scarce.

In a TikTok video that quickly went viral, Tate expressed her initial sense of rejection and confusion. “Australian men just sit back, and I think it’s so weird,” she remarked. “At first, I felt like I was so ugly, and I couldn’t understand why lots of men weren’t approaching me.”

She recounted her experiences in America, where men would often take a more assertive approach, coming up to women, grabbing their arms, and offering to buy them drinks. The contrast in Australia, where men seemed more reserved and waited for women to approach them, left her puzzled.

Tate admitted feeling conceited about her initial reaction, but she couldn’t help but compare the two dating cultures. In the US, it was customary for men to offer drinks without expecting anything in return, creating a cultural norm. Going out without bringing her wallet or card was common, as drinks were often provided by men in social settings.

However, her Australian friend revealed that Aussie men were less inclined to offer drinks to women they didn’t know. This revelation left Tate “shocked” as she was used to the different dynamics back home.

Australian commentators expressed surprise at the American dating standards, questioning the practice of buying drinks for strangers without expecting a conversation in return. Some pointed out that the cost of living and expensive drinks might be factors contributing to the difference in behavior.

Tate’s experience is not unique among American travelers, as many have encountered confusing situations while visiting different countries. Earlier, American tourists in Europe caused a stir by claiming that Europeans don’t drink water. The Europeans responded, emphasizing the availability of tap water and the option of filling one’s own water bottle for free.

These cross-cultural encounters serve as a reminder of the diverse norms and customs around the world. Traveling provides an opportunity to learn and appreciate the uniqueness of each culture, and sometimes, it also challenges our own assumptions and expectations.


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