Woman’s Sister Was Dying And Her Boss’s Response To Her Missing Work Was Disgusting


If you’re reading this and you’re a manager or somebody’s boss, please, don’t be a jerk, and treat employees like you’d want to be treated.

A make up and effects artist, who also works a side job as a waitress, shared the interaction she had with her bosses when she told them she needed time off because her sister had been declared brain dead.

Hillary told BuzzFeed:

“She was completely unresponsive and the nurses were looking for next of kin to make decisions on her behalf if need be. I was broken-hearted, frozen. I didn’t even have time to register all of this before deciding to leave to be with her,” 

Hillary shared her bosses response to her request in a TikTok video.


this gets good. Wait until the end.

? original sound – Hillary Zinks

Hillary has a message for employers:

 “Your employees are so much more than robots here to make YOU money. Real life doesn’t stop so people’s work lives can proceed uninterrupted. Treat your employees with kindness and compassion in situations like these,”

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After the text exchange, Hillary was informed that her old boss no longer worked there.

“The supervisor asked about my sister and I let him know she died that weekend. His heart sank for me. He then offered me my job back. I gave myself a few weeks to grieve and then let him know that I’d come back. My sister died as a hero, donating four of her organs.”


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