Woman Slammed for Kissing Unsuspecting Men’s Shirts in Bar


A woman has been slated on TikTok for planting lipstick kisses on the t-shirts of oblivious men.

The so-called ‘lipstick bandit’ was out at an Irish bar for St Patrick’s Day celebrations last week.

As shown in the clip below, the woman kisses the back of men’s t-shirts, leaving a big red ‘kiss-stain’.


lipstick bandit was on the LOOSE at pj’s

? I’m Shipping Up To Boston – Dropkick Murphys

The woman’s friend records the self-professed lipstick bandit as she ‘pranks’ these men, laughing as she does it.

Many on TikTok didn’t quite see it the same way however, suggesting that the kiss mark could be ‘unexplainable’ to those in relationships when they return home to their partners.

Some people reacted, commenting:

“This is terrible, she ruined a lot of relationships.”

“She’s trying to get these guys into trouble.”

“That’s beyond petty, that’s a complete stranger.”

One users commented:

“She’s kissing them without consent…also ruining their shirts.”

“If a guy was doing this, you would all be mad, double standard.”

What are your thoughts?


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