Woman Throws Abusive Husband’s Ashes In Trash: ‘Goodbye, Nasty B***ard’


Domestic abuse is completely unacceptable, in any shape or form.

Marsha Widener uploaded a video to YouTube of her saying goodbye to her abusive partner, by pouring his ashes into a dumpster.

“This is Don Widener. His family don’t want him. His brother doesn’t want him around. His kids don’t want him (actually, they want him to go in the gutter). He drove a garbage truck and picked up [trash] for businesses so we’re sending him back to the landfill!”

“This is for all the turmoil and all the pain that he has caused my children, [me], and his parents. This little bit right here is for all the times he kicked me in the head. Yep, [he] put my head through a window.”

The video has been viewed almost a million times, and the comment section is full of praise for Marsha and her actions.

Let’s hope for a positive future for Marsha and her family.


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