Woman Who Threw 36G Bra at Drake admits She’s been Thinking about Dating Him after DMs


    A young woman, Veronica Correia, who gained notoriety for throwing her size 36G bra at Drake during one of his shows, has revealed that she has been contemplating the idea of dating the famous rapper after receiving direct messages (DMs) from him.

    Over the past few weeks, Veronica, 21, has become a viral sensation, capturing the media’s attention with her bra-throwing act at Drake’s concert in New York’s Madison Square Garden on July 23rd. The Canadian star playfully called for the woman with the 36G bra to be located when he noticed the tossed undergarment on stage. Veronica’s newfound fame even caught the attention of Playboy, and she has now become a creator on the magazine’s new app, allowing her to monetize exclusive content.

    During an appearance on the Club Ambition podcast, Veronica confirmed that her bra size is indeed 36G (reaching H when she had her daughter). The host inquired about her feelings towards Drake, asking if she would consider dating him if given the opportunity. She admitted to being open to the idea, stating that it would be a “dream come true” but acknowledged that the spotlight and fame that come with dating Drake might be overwhelming for her.

    Since being identified as the woman behind the bra incident, Veronica’s social media following has exploded. She has amassed over 25,000 followers and two million likes on TikTok, in addition to 92,800 followers on Instagram. Despite her newfound popularity, she remains cautious about handling a high-profile relationship, mentioning potential challenges in adapting to such a lifestyle.

    While Veronica has been contemplating the possibility of dating Drake, she hasn’t made any concrete decisions yet. She expressed her desire to meet him in person and possibly go on a date, but she remains aware of the practical challenges that could arise from dating a celebrity like Drake.

    In a recent post on her Instagram, Veronica shared screenshots of the kind messages she received from the ‘Hotline Bling’ rapper, who defended her against online trolls attacking her appearance. Drake encouraged her to ignore the negativity and reminded her that faceless people wouldn’t dare to say such things in person.

    In conclusion, Veronica Correia’s bra-throwing incident at Drake’s concert propelled her to internet fame, leading her to contemplate the possibility of dating the rapper after receiving DMs from him. Despite her fascination with the idea, she is aware of the potential challenges that come with dating a high-profile celebrity and remains grounded amid her newfound online popularity.


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