Woman’s Attempt To Take Perfect Vacation Picture Goes Horribly Wrong


Vacations, remember them? Oh man, I loved vacations.

If you don’t know what a vacation is, I’ll educate you.

A vacation is a trip we used to take before COVID to a hot, or sometimes cold, place far from home, where we would explore beautiful scenery, drink cocktails and forget about the woes of the world for a week, or sometimes two.

And since boarding a plane to a hot country is a distant memory, some people on TikTok are sharing memories of vacations.

One Tik Tok user, Jessie Jaimes shared a video of the time she crawled inside a cave for the perfect photograph… before it went horribly wrong.


That one time I thought I found a cool cave and it turned out to be a shitter. #bathroom #gross #nasty #ew #beach #lovers

? A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton


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