Wounded Ukrainian Teen tells Zelensky he’s a TikTok Star

Wounded Ukrainian Teen tells Zelensky he’s a TikTok Star

There was a short moment of respite amongst the raging war when Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky visited a 16-year-old wounded girl in a Kyiv hospital on Thursday and was told that he is a TikTok star.

Katya Vlasenko and her family came under attack while trying to flee Russian attack. She covered her younger brother with her body during the Russian shelling as they ran from their home town, according to reports.

When the Russians shot Katya, her parents thought she was dead. Her Mother said:

“The bullets went through her back, the ribs, the lungs, the thighs,”

“She suffered the most as she was covering her little brother.”

She saved her little brothers life, he is 8-years-old.

On Thursday, Katya had some good news for the Ukrainian president:

“And everybody supports you on tiktok,”

Zelensky said:

“So we have occupied tiktok?”

The teen replied:

“All talk about you, it is all about you,”

Watch the NBC News excerpt below:

What a brave girl.


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