WSOP Final Table Sees ‘Biggest Punt In Final Table History’


I don’t know how poker players keep their cool on the final table.

If I landed three of a kind, I’d probably pass out or start giggly maniacally. But that probably explains why I’m writing about the WSOP, not playing in it.

Koray Aldemir and Alejandro ‘Papo MC’ Lococo played the most intense hand at the World Series of Poker Main Event.

If you play poker you’ll know the person with the fattest chip stacks will usually bully around the smaller stacks who are under more pressure with every hand as their chip count diminishes. But that didn’t happen here, which makes it all the better.

One comment on the video said:

Biggest punt in WSOP ME final table history! Never seen anything like it. Punts 67M when someone is sitting on 6M.

Watch it all unfold:

And if you think that’s insane…

This dude at the WSOP has played possibly the greatest hand in poker history, and it is a work of pure genius.

Despite the fact he’s playing for EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS, Rigby plays 2-3 off-suit like it’s pocket aces.

Watch it here:

What a hero.


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