You Need to See the Size of the Fish This Guy from Texas just Caught


A Texas man claims to have caught the biggest monster fish you’ve ever seen…

Payton Moore may be the best fisherman around, going by the Youtube footage he uploaded.

The video shows an insane ten-minute battle to land the beast.

The monster he claims to have caught was an alligator gar and is believed to be the largest ever caught in this continent at an incredible 8′ 2″ and weighing at least 300 lbs.

Moore was fishing in a Houston Area Bayou and was demonstrating a new trick he had learned. He seen the beast surface a distance from where his line was cast, so resourceful Moore got a second rod – one to leave in the water and one baited, ready to drop when the monster exposed itself.

The original rod hooked “the biggest fish [he had] ever caught in [his] life.”

Moore can be heard saying:

“I can barely hang onto him… it’s like walking a T-Rex.”

See a picture of the beast below:

Watch the incredible footage below:

Moore may have beat the state record of 302 lbs but unfortunately we will never know as the fish has to be weighed on a state-certified scale, which may have injured or killed the animal.


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